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CAF Champions League

Pitso Strongly Condemns Looting

Pitso Mosimane has strongly condemned the looting in parts of South Africa ahead of Saturday’s CAF Champions League final between Al Ahly and Kaizer Chiefs.

The 56-year-old spoke to the On The Whistle podcast about the scenes that have emerged from his home country this week.

The Al Ahly coach insisted that looting is not the solution to the many problems in South Africa, in particular not in the middle of the third Covid-19 wave.

“My beloved country, you know,” Mosimane said.

“I think it is the first time in our history, we’ve had this. Probably we had some of these things during Apartheid time when we were fighting to get our freedom but now we’ve got our freedom to be honest.

“Unfortunately whatever is happening in South Africa, we’re in the midst of Covid-19 that is also a big problem in my country, because every week I lose somebody I know, someone that is close to me.

“We have another wave and hopefully we (can) get the vaccines as quick as possible to vaccinate the nation because the nation is dying to be honest. 

“With the unrests, I never thought at this point in our democracy we’d be going through all this, but we all know the political side of it. What triggered it was that our ex-president (Jacob) Zuma was arrested.

“And of course he’s got his loyalists who support him, we all know about them. I think what has happened now, it has gone to situation of unemployment and poverty, that’s what I’m thinking. 

“The looting is people riding on the wave of the protest, now people are looting, and it’s easy for me to condemn the looting because looting is wrong because the businesses that have been looted belong to all South Africans. Even friends that I know, even footballers have lost their businesses. 

“People who are looting are unalloyed and don’t have a thing to do, they don’t have a job, they find an opportunity now and are looting. It shows that the unemployment in South Africa is causing a problem, the trial case of Jacob Zuma is causing a problem. We are living in a democratic world, I remember even Nelson Mandela was taken to court. 

“No one is above the law, we have a constitution in South Africa. Political fractions also, within the ANC, are creating the situation.

“The problem is when you burn shops, when you burn shopping malls, you are creating problems for the economy, the country. Because the very same people who are in the neighbourhood of those shopping malls, are the people who live in the townships, who go through the shopping mall to work. So now those people don’t have a job now.

“Two wrongs can never make one right. Suddenly we don’t have a clinic. Suddenly we don’t have a chemist and we are in Covid-19. Also the crowd creating closeness, it’s not right in the middle of the pandemic.

“I cry for for my beloved country!”