SAFA Sent Complaint To CAF Over Simba ‘Juju’

April 28, 2022

South African Football Association CEO Tebogo Motlanthe has confirmed that SAFA have written a letter of complaint to CAF over Simba SC’s ‘juju’ antics at Orlando Stadium.

Simba’s players and some members of the technical team were forming a huddle around the centre circle before smoke appeared from their midst.

Pictures later showed that Simba were burning something on the grass, which could be seen as ‘juju’ or a Muti ritual and led to a member of Pirates’ technical quickly pouring water over the burnt spot.

Motlanthe confirmed that SAFA are not happy with the antics of the Tanzanian giants, insisting it was “disrespectful”to the Homeside.

“We have written a formal complaint to CAF and we will be following up,” Motlanthe said on Thursday,” said, as per TimesLIVE.

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“The complaint was that the action we viewed as against the culture. SA has diverse cultural beliefs and what they did, doing that in public, went against some of the cultures, which is unacceptable in this country.

“As far as we respect the cultures of people, that can’t be done. Even in our local league we don’t allow those things.

“And it has the potential of damaging the field and we believe it was not in any way sports-related.

“It was disrespectful and poor sportsmanship.”

Motlanthe, though, insisted that the letter is SAFA’s doing and didn’t come as a request from the Buccaneers.

“It was us. Remember when our clubs play in continental tournaments SAFA will always be involved with the matches — we send a number of people there,” he added.

“The HOD [in continental competition] of Pirates is Gerald Don, who is a SAFA NEC member.”

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