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Emotional Ntseki Reacts To Latest Fans Attack After CKO Exit

Kaizer Chiefs head coach Molefi Ntseki was left deflated and bitterly disappointed after the latest attacks from the club’s fans following their 1-0 defeat to AmaZulu in the Carling Knockout Cup.

Amakhosi fans once again threw missiles at the coach after the final whistle, with Ntseki unable to do his post-match tv duties and having the be escorted off the pitch by police.

It was the fourth time of the campaign that a selection of Chiefs’ supporters expressed their anger towards the coach in the wrong manner, and it is likely to result in a stadium lookout, as ppreviously indicated by PSL prosecutor Zola Majavu.

Ntseki discussed the happening at large and admitted he is starting to fear for his safety, while it will also affect his players.

“I think it’s a difficult, if one has to explain the space I find myself [in],” he told journalists.

“Because I always say when you prepare you prepare doing, but when you lose games like this what will happen at the end of the game and I don’t think it’s actually a good thing for football because it has turned out to be more like every training session you have is your last training session, every game you play is your last game because you are more worried about the results.

“I’ve been saying, ‘preparation, preparation, preparation’. Yes, we are not getting results and you own up as a coach but the results are not coming.

“But when things like this happens for a third time, it’s not only affecting you as a coach, it’s also affecting the players. Because when they get to hear and they get to see what happens to their coach when you lose matches, it also becomes a reflection on them to say, ‘what if tomorrow I become the next one, if today I don’t have a good game’.

“I think in terms of South African football supporters, the bigger challenge is that we are not very supportive, and not very patient when results are not coming.

“I think coach said something very interesting now, yes, when in the beginning of the season it was a building phase, they were not getting the results they wanted. But I think that the support he got from the supporters, from management and from the players, he’s now talking bravely because he’s now getting results.

“It’s very unfortunate for incidents like this to happen in football, but who am I to bring a stop to incidents like this, because at the end of the day it worries you more because you are family person, you are a South African and you see your people not having patience in the hard work that you put into.

“But in the end of the day, it’s football, you win some, you lose some. The day you get hired, the door is open for you to exit. That’s football for us, if you don’t get results, you get fired.

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“But the manner in which it is happening it is actually not the Kaizer Chiefs way. I think going forward we maybe need to look into ourselves and be supportive of this beautiful brand. If you support this beautiful brand it means you love everybody that is involved in this brand.

“So a love and peace slogan is what has carried Kaizer Chiefs for so many years. That will continue, I think it will continue to be a love and peace brand that we’ve had for the past 53 years.

“These are incidents that don’t leave a very good taste for the club as a whole, for the brand as a whole but I hope the supporters will learn to understand that results are not determined by individuals before the game started. Results are determined by the goals you score and the goals you concede. It’s just unfortunate that today we gave away the goal in a critical phase and when you look at it, we could’ve stoped we could’ve defended that goal to go in.

“The importance of the game being a cup game, and for us wanting to go all the way and win the cup, I would say it’s a big disappointment from the side and it’s also a big disappoint from the club as a whole. From me as a coach I’m very disappointed, but what else can I do? The result as of now is Kaizer Chiefs lost to AmaZulu and are not going to the next round.”

David Kappel
David Kappel
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