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Ex-FIFA Referee Says There Is No Case

A former Fifa referee says the Benin Football Federation have no case against the Democratic Republic of Congo despite the world football governing body investigating their appeal.

The BFF filed a complaint with Fifa contesting the officiating of referee Eric Otogo-Castane for the dubious penalty decision and the alleged administrative error which saw DRC make four substitutes at four different intervals.

While the official rules state only three intervals can be used to make changes, Bruno Derrien, a respected former international referee told Ouest-France, it’s unlikely that Fifa would rule in favour of a replay or disqualification.

“The fourth official manages and must note the changes. It is an administrative mistake. The coach does not have to ask. It is up to the office to say whether or not the change is valid,” he told the French news outlet.

“In order for the technical complaint to be validated, it must be placed immediately after the end of the game.”

Fifa is set to reach a decision on the case on 23 November while Safa’s appeal against Senegalese referee Maguette N’Diaye after the controversial 2022 World Cup qualifier Ghana defeat will also be on the agenda.



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