Motsepe On Next African World Cup

Author: Lorenz Kohler
 | Date: August 5, 2022

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) President Patrice Motsepe has opened up on the potential of the continent staging another FIFA World Cup.

In 2010, South Africa made history, albeit in a controversial manner to secure it, by staging the first World Cup on African soil and it was pulled off successfully and touted as one of the best from an organisational standpoint.

Since then Brazil, Russia has hosted in 2014 and 2018 respectively while Qatar 2022 is upcoming before the 2026 showpiece set for the United States, Mexico and Canada. But question marks have now been raised when it will return to Africa, with the rotational policy under former FIFA President Sepp Blatter seemingly out the window.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) announced its intention for the 2030 event a couple of years ago, with a joint-bid with Tunisia and Algeria discussed, as well as potentially Spain and Europe as they are in close proximity.

Egypt and Cameroon have also put their hands up over the years however, there are question marks being raised over their infrastructure from transportation and hospitality that could successfully host a competition of that magnitude.

”There’s nothing that would make me happier than having another African World Cup,” Motsepe said recently.

“I’m clear in my objectives of taking African football to the highest possible level and the people who work with me, support myself and CAF and African, I want to work with them all the time.

“I can tell you, we’re quite confident in lobbying, not just Infantino… what makes me proud of Infantino is what he did before I became President, the track record speaks for itself and we’ll then look at getting his support.

“But then again you have to lobby the other countries as well and get them to support, I can see personally that some African countries have come to me to say they want to host the World Cup and there’s something… if you put some of that together, maybe with one country that’s not in Africa.”

With Motsepe stating Africa will need support from another continent, which he suggested would be either Asia or Australasia, he admitted that they face a mammoth task to be able to convince them on top of having once cohesive support from all the African federations.

“That’s some of the discussions that are taking place, maybe with one country not in Africa, but that country that’s not in Africa must be able to bring its continent with it. Some of the countries we’re talking to support Africa, but we’re not sure they can bring the vote,” Mostepe admitted.

“We’ll bring our 54 votes, no doubt about, we will make sure we’ll get every single one of the African nations to support the countries we support and agree to and if another country from a continent not far from us can get other votes in, it will take us a long way down the line.”

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