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Hunt Reacts To Historic CAFCL Result

Kaizer Chiefs coach Gavin Hunt says their historical CAF Champions League semi-final qualification is not for him personally, but its for the club.

Chiefs went through after beating Tanzania’s Simba SC 4-3 on aggregate, though it went close as the Tanzanians beat Chiefs 3-0 in Dar es Salaam, in Saturday’s second leg.

Hunt said it was a very tough game, but obviously the most important thing was getting through to the semi-finals.

“Ja, that’s what was most important thing over the two legs. Obviously very difficult today. But I mean, we got through, that’s most important thing, we dug in,” he said after the game.

“I mean, you know, it was no danger for 25/26 minutes. And then they got a corner and they scored from a corner, which put us a little bit back and then turned the first half, and then they got one again. And then obviously, they got the second one, which obviously made it a little bit difficult. And then we defended for the last bit of time.

“Obviously, they the home team, you know, they’re gonna throw numbers forward, they left four up, you know, so obviously, they just played it long in there. And if you don’t win the first ball and the second ball, you got problems. So that was the problem.”

Hunt says his own team’s lack of chances, came from his side being unable to hold onto possession.

“Well, they couldn’t get it down, you know, for various reasons, but kept giving it away. But ja, you know, the most important thing we through, it’s a knockout game and we’re through.”

When asked what this historical win meant for him and the club, Hunt said, “It was history just to get into the group. And then you know, so obviously, ja. Its’ not for me, it’s for the club. It’s not for me, it’s for the club. It’s for the club for me. Nothing to do with to me, it’s only the club.”