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Muhsin Reveals His Euro Favourites

Former Kaizer Chiefs coach Muhsin Ertugral has revealed his favourites for the UEFA European Championship, but doesn’t give England and Germany fans much hope.

The 61-year-old is currently working as Head of Technical for the Turkish Football Federation, and is the international technical advisor to Turkey coach Senol Gunes and spoke to iDiski Times writer Rob Delport ahead of the opening game between Italy and Turkey.

Ertugral believes that Friday’s opponents Italy could go far in the tournament, along with Belgium’s golden generation, France and Spain.

“We have analysed our opponents really to pieces. I think those ones, the teams that stay at home. Teams like Italy who are gonna play all the three group games at home,” he said in an exclusive interview with iDiski Times

“We have to travel, they stay at home. Because when you travel, you have one day you play the game and then you have the traveling and that keeps you one day busy. So the one day resting is out and that’s it’s a bit of a disadvantage depending on how many games you’re playing. The more games you play the less rest because you’re on the road. 

“Those teams definitely have an advantage and Italy is for me one of the teams that could win the championship. Then for me definitely Belgium. This golden generation that they have, the way how they play, Belgium is one of my big favourites in this tournament and really such great players individually as well as a team.

“I think Spanish team has something that I can see, something growing in that team. That could be definitely a team to watch. And then there is the towers of football, like, like the French, world champions, definitely for me a contender.”

Ertugral also explained why he doesn’t think that three-time champions Germany or the Three Lions will go far in the tournament.

“I don’t see Germany as that strong, watching them recently as well. They didn’t convince me at all, the transition game that they’re playing, I don’t think that could be a match winner. 

“Obviously they will be in the quarterfinals, but after that I think other teams will be better than they are, for balance in the team.

“The English team play very unusual with three at the back for their history of football. At the last World Cup through standard situations they came to the semifinal but not convincing from the playing style. 

“Maybe they’re more balanced or a little bit more experienced now. But I don’t see really them going over the quarterfinal.”



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