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Nurkovic – They Don’t Call Me Kokota Piano For Nothing

Kaizer Chiefs striker Samir Nurkovic says that scoring twice in last week’s 4-0 win in the CAF Champions League quarter-final first leg against Simba SC was an amazing feeling.

The Chiefs forward was a key player for the Amakhosi last weekend, and now will be again on Saturday when they face Simba in the second leg in Tanzania.

Nurkovic says he still feeling good after that performance and they are now excited for the second leg, and have been preparing well.

“Amazing feeling from the game still, excited and looking forward for the second leg. And we preparing and doing everything to go in to semis,” Nurkovic told Chiefs’ media department.

Having returned from suspension last week, Nurkovic was delighted with his and the team’s performance last week.

“Ja, amazing feeling. And I mean, Amakhosi family already know, they not just calling me just like that, Kokota piano, right? So I’m there, and I’m trying my best always to make them happy.”

There has been a lot of talk on social media, especially in Tanzania, that Simba can still get a big result, and turn things around.

“We can’t really think about those things. All what we have to do is to stay focus and to be 100% focused on our game, on how we gonna play and how we gonna perform on Saturday.”

Nurkovic says they need to keep building from that first leg performance, which has put them in good stead for the second leg.

“I mean, there’s not so much time to do a lot of things, we just have to stay focused, and with the same fighting spirit from the last game, continue with the same performance, everything and everything will be fine.

“I mean, me as an individual, I’m always working hard and I want always to achieve the best possible results. And ja, so far, so good for us. And I’m really happy for myself, from the team, because everybody really working hard and giving their best to achieve our goals.”

And the Serbian is looking forward to visiting Tanzania.

“Ja, really nice experience for me always when we traveling to all these countries in Africa for me, especially really good. A nice experience. And I’m looking forward as well to see Tanzania and all what is there.”