Broos Reveals His Ghana-Bafana Case Verdict

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: November 29, 2021

With everyone waiting to hear the outcome of FIFA’s investigation into the Ghana-Bafana Bafana match, Hugo Broos has now revealed what he thinks will be the outcome.

The Belgian tactician has turned the fortunes of the South African men’s national football team around and had them close to topping their FIFA World Cup qualification group.

However, a controversial penalty in the final group match in Ghana, saw Bafana drop off the top spot. The South African Football Association (Safa) have since lodged a protest against the match and are hoping for a replay.

Broos, though, doesn’t seem to believe the decision will go in South Africa’s favour.

“Fifa met on Tuesday,” he told HLN Sportcast

“We expect a decision in the course of next week. It’s not just about the penalty kick, it’s about the whole game. The referee made 71 decisions, 47 of which were foul. The analysis has shown that. And 90 percent of those 47 wrong decisions were against us.

“You have to be able to prove something like that in black and white. Was he bribed? Wasn’t he pressured? Or was he just having a really bad day? The numbers are there, but is that enough for FIFA? 

“I personally think that it will remain with a suspension for the ref and that we should not count on a replay.”

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