Ncobo Explains FIFA Outcome Delay

Author: Lorenz Kohler
 | Date: December 2, 2021

Former FIFA referee Ace Ncobo who did the independent report for the South African Football Association (Safa) appeal for the potential Ghana-Bafana replay has sought to explain the delay in the outcome.

Ncobo addressed the media in the Safa press conference on 17 November, three days after the controversial 1-0 win for the Black Stars at Cape Coast Stadium – in which the potential merits of a potential replay was explained.

The appeal was against referee Maguette Ndiaye on the allegations of match manipulation and corruption as Safa sought to have the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier replayed.

Fifa duly responded to the appeal stating the investigation would commence on 23 November, which many misunderstood as the date for the outcome, Ncobo has clarified.

“Contrary to what many thought would be an announcement on the 23rd, the FIFA communique’ was that on the 23rd the matter would be referred to the DC for an investigation. No date set for the outcome,” Ncobo tells iDiski Times.

“It is my belief that Fifa is taking the meticulous road on this as it has the potential to set a precedent (never before in the history of football has this approach of a comprehensive report been taken)

“Lastly, the hint of impropriety on the part of GFA, if proven true, would mean not only a ban for the referee (replay) but a ban for Ghana (SA goes to next stage).”

Ncobo went on to add that he’s unsure whether the Benin Football Federation (FBF) has grounds for a replay in its appeal against the Democratic Republic of Congo for their administration error of substitutions – as they too await official response from the world football governing body.

“I’m aware that they made a submission as well, but I’m not privy to the merits thereof.”

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