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Benni – We’re Not Jokers

AmaZulu head coach Benni McCarthy says that one of the biggest misconceptions about him, is that he is just a good motivator, and people don’t see the hard work he puts into his role.

The former Bafana Bafana striker was speaking exclusively to Rob Delport (@FMSouthAfrica) in the latest edition of iDiski Times, out now.

McCarthy says that while it is true that he does command respect, there is a lot more to what he does as a coach.

“I think people just have this idea, ‘Ja, the levels where he played, he doesn’t really need to say much or do much, he’s got coaches there.’ But it’s not like that,” McCarthy told iDiski Times.

“Every single day I go to bed, three o’clock, four o’clock in the morning, because I’m sitting up figuring out what is the best way? What kind of training sessions will the guys enjoy? What kind of training sessions will be good for us, where we can learn something new, and we can improve as individuals, and as a team, and that will help us to run teams off the ground, and be different from what every other team does.”

“And I think that’s what people don’t know about me, they just think, ‘ja, his motivational skills is good, he knows how to motivate players, he knows what to say to them.’”

“And they forget that when we coaching, I’m right there, you know, I’m in there, and I’m kind of a perfectionist, I don’t want mediocre.”

“I don’t want mediocre because if we play at this level, then we have to be better than amateur players, we have to be better than GladAfrica players, the quality there, so we have to be better.”

“So I want always my training sessions to be as good as the game. That’s the intensity that I like to work in, that I like my players to have, they must have that ability.”

“But yes, that is true. When I do walk into a room, I command respect. I command respect. And because I am like that, I want my players that play for me to also have the same aura about them, that when they walk into a room, when AmaZulu goes on team walks, that people respect us because they know we are a serious team!”

“We are not jokers, or we’re not here just to add the numbers and have fun and enjoy ourselves but not win games, and you accept when you lose games, you go out and you have parties and that, like your job is just a job, it’s not a way of life, you know. So I do demand that (respect), and then I try to drill that into my players as well. And you can see that that’s an incredible amount of work that goes into being able to get that, to have your players do that for you.”

“Why I’m Forever Linked With Bafana”South Africa’s favourite football son, and now AmaZulu Head Coach, Benni McCarthy speaks exclusively to Rob Delport in the 20th Edition of iDiski Times about the whirlwind past eight months that he seen him take AmaZulu to second on the DStv Premiership table, the real issues during his time at Cape Town City, and why his name is always brought up when the Bafana Bafana coaching role is vacant. Read the full interview in the latest iDiski Times – available in English and Zulu.