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Chiefs Fans ‘We’ve Become The Club’s Cash Cows’

Kaizer Chiefs fans have handed over a Memorandum to club representatives around Jessica Motaung on Friday and iDiski Times has received the document which lists 12 points the club’s faithful want to change.

Over 100 Amakhosi fans marched to Naturena this morning, taking part in the peaceful #KaizerChiefsProtest.

The fans were welcomed and heard by Marketing Manager Jessica Motaung and other club representatives, who acknowledged the receipt of the Memorandum and signed it on behalf of the management.

This publication has seen the said Memorandum, which is a cry of the supporters to be heard and not just seen as “cash cows”.

“We are left with no choice but to believe that we have become cash cows for the club. The only type of communication we get most of the  time from the club is when our loyalty is exploited to sell merchandise and various products of the different companies that sponsor the club,” Amakhosi fans write.

“We have basically became  customers more than we are football supporters to the club.  We have tried to raise our grievances through petitions and social media platforms to no avail. To this effect, we have realised that our remote efforts are not sufficient in preventing and stopping the downward spiral of Kaizer Chiefs. It is for this reason that we have decided to go to our home in Naturena to raise our grievances. 

“This is us peacefully saying we want to be heard by the club.”

Below are the 12 points that Amakhosi fans want addressed by the club:

  1. Restore the club’s lost playing philosophy and status as a big club. 
    • Immediately build a competitive squad by recruiting quality players to restore the club back to its glory days. 
    • Recruit coaches that fit the playing philosophy and who identify with the brand of football fit for a big club like Kaizer Chiefs. 
  2. We demand a squad overhaul as promised by the club in the statement of 18 April 2018. The squad overhaul must address our lack of quality and depth in the team but critically, it should also be done with the objective of refreshing the team and bring the average age down. 
  3. We demand a development of a vision to conquer AFRICA and consistently build a team for this purpose. 
  4. We demand the club to work on cultivating good relationships with Premier Soccer League and National First Division clubs in order to achieve the points above. 
  5. We demand effective utilisation of the football scouting department and for it to be empowered with resources and decision making powers to embark on a renewal project. If used effectively, the scouting department has the ability to save the club money in the transfer market in the long run. 
  6. Our MDC team has flattered to deceive in the past couple of seasons with minimal output until recently. There has to be a concerted effort to develop players not only for the club but for the overseas market and more crucially our MDC team should be a catalyst to build relationships with less resourced clubs. Furthermore this will generate revenue which will ensure the club’s sustainability into the future. 
  7. Kaizer Chiefs must play its role in development of women’s football by forming a women’s football team to compete in the premier women’s football league as early as the 2022/23 season. 
  8. We demand the chairman to account to the supporters through various media platforms. The revival of The Chairman’s Columns on the club website would be a good starting point but we also need a platform where the chairman can occasionally engage supporters in a dialogue. 
  9. Whilst we as supporters appreciate the great work being done by our marketing department, we would like the club to prioritise its primary business which is football. At no stage should corporate Kaizer Chiefs be more important than football.
  10. The club should appoint a General Manager/CEO whose mandate should be to institutionalise accountability of all operational functions towards the board and to ensure equitable allocation of resources across all functional areas supporting the football business.
  11. We demand the club to finalise the issue of supporters’ membership cards which has been outstanding for several years. 
  12. The club should always be mindful about when and how it transitions senior players out of the team who have given their best over the years. The club should honour some of these senior players and give supporters an opportunity to do the same. 

“We do not make these demands lightly and we believe that all of them are reasonable and practical. We also make these demands constructively with love and peace with a belief that there should always be a dialogue between the club and its supporters to avoid ugly scenes last experienced at Moses Mabhida Stadium in April 2018. 

“We demand an acknowledgment of receipt of the demands to be published on the club’s website and social media platforms within two days of receipt. We demand a full response to the demands within a period of three weeks (15 working days) upon receipt of this memorandum, the response must be published in the club’s social media platforms (Club’s website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).”