Baxter Backs Mabiliso After Soweto Derby

David Kappel
November 7, 2021

Kaizer Chiefs coach Stuart Baxter was happy with left-back Sibusiso Mabiliso’s performance following his first start for Amakhosi in the Soweto Derby debut.

Mabiliso who competes with S’fiso Hlanti and sometimes Reeve Frosler at left-back, has only had limited game-time since he joined Amakhosi at the start of the season.

Baxter, though says he had to trust the young player in the left-back position after Hlanti got injured on Thursday.

“Yeah, well, when S’fiso (Hlanti) got injured, we’ve got Reeve (Frosler) who has played on the left. And we’ve got Maba, and you’ve got to consider it long and hard before you try him in the derby, for sure everybody’s aware of that,” Baxter said when asked by iDiski Times about Mabiliso’s performance.

“But his training over the last week has been very good. And we haven’t brought him into the club to be a third choice for left-back.

“Yes, we can juggle the team in certain matches, but I thought for this one, let’s prepare him properly and let’s give him his head and let’s see what he can do.

“And he stood up, and he was counterfeits, and I think he gave a solid performance, a solid performance in your first Soweto Derby is a very good performance.”

Story by David Kappel (@kappilinho).

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