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Chiefs’ Bibo Grabs Qualification

Kaizer Chiefs’ aspiring midfielder Sabelo Radebe has obtained his first qualification from Boston City Campus.

The youngster has a contingency plan apart from football, as he has grabbed himself a Marketing in Sport Specialisation qualification while playing football.

Bibo, as he is affectionately known, has admitted that it was not an easy journey to focus on both football and studies, but is happy to have take the first step.

“I’m very happy to have acquired this qualification,” he told club’s media department.

“Because we all know that education is very important for all of us, more especially for us as footballers because our careers are relatively short.

“I have to admit that it was quite challenging to come back from training every day and then having to switch to books.

“But with the determination I have, I pushed as much as I could, and it paid off.”

Kaizer Chiefs skipper Bernard Parker also recently completed a Higher Certificate in Sport Marketing Diploma at Boston.



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