Khoza Comments On Chiefs Saga

December 13, 2021

PSL chairman Dr. Irvin Khoza has finally commented on the matter of Kaizer Chiefs not pitching for their games against Cape Town City and Golden Arrows.

Khoza has revealed that the executive committee has already met four times on the matter and will have another meeting on Tuesday.

He also indicated that he hopes the league can make an announcement after Tuesday’s meeting, highlighting Chiefs’ Covid-19 outbreak is a very sensible matter to deal with because it includes “lives and rules”.

“I think it’s very important you know that the public obviously expects a response from the league on the matter that affects Kaizer Chiefs and the other teams that were participating in those fixtures,” Khoza said.

“I think it’s very important (to point out) that it’s not an easy matter. It’s a matter that was dealt with by the football department and was escalated to the exco.

“It requires a lot of attention to detail to make the judication on this matter, it must be given a thorough process and evaluation because it talks about issues that are very interesting because you know we are a rules-based organisation.

“Everything is easy because you just refer to the rules, compare the manual or the handbook for answer. 

“But there are situations that requires us to apply our minds, especially on a matter that’s got a lot of debate on life and rules.

“At this point in time, I can say we’ve convened for a fourth/fifth meeting tomorrow, because there is a match because we’ve met now on Thursday. 

“We met Thursday on the matter, we’ve had three meetings before. We referred the matter back to our office to deal with the issues that we’ve raised and we are told that we’ll get the final information required, it is possible today or tomorrow.

“The meeting is convened for 11 o’clock tomorrow. Tomorrow a meeting is going to take place here in the PSL (office) to deal with the matter. Whether it is going to be the final meeting on the matter, I don’t know. It depends on the facts in front of us as an executive committee.

“To put this to rest, we know it is urgent, it is important, it leaves a lot of uncertainty in the market but everything we do, we do in the interest of all the teams in the PSL but also taking into account the issues of the sporting integrity, the issues of repetitional management, the issues of stake holders. There is so many things that we have to evaluate in matters of this nature.

“But most important clubs come first. We apply our minds and we apply our minds to all the clubs equally. Therefor it’s very important that keep not the clubs hanging or waiting and all the infrastructure, economy, our eco-system waiting. 

“I hope tomorrow we will advance the matter faster. Hopefully on the matters that are outstanding in the evaluation of our facts. Hopefully tomorrow we will have a communique to say press conference or to continue with our discussions as executive committee.”

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