Mnisi Finally Giving Royal AM Clarity?

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: August 1, 2022

Royal AM Chief Executive Officer Sinky Mnisi has invited members of the media to a press conference on Wednesday, where he is expected to clarity around his rumoured suspension.

There have been rumours in local media that Mnisi has been suspended by the club after the departure of coach John Maduka and the transfer saga around Victor Letsoalo.

When asked about the rumours last week Friday around the unveiling of co-coach Dan Malesela, Mkhize insisted it wasn’t the right platform to address the position of the CEO.

The Royal AM president also remained coy to give away any details during a radio interview Robert Marawa, with Robert Marawa last week, saying she’s not entertaining the noise around Mnisi.

The Thwihli Thwahla CEO has now himself invited media to a press briefing, where he is expected to give clarity around his future.

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