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Ellis – We Were Extremely Poor

After their 3-2 loss to Malawi in the Cosafa Cup semi-finals on Thursday, Banyana Banyana coach Desiree Ellis said they were uncharacteristically poor in the game, especially in defence.

Banyana had beaten Malawi in their opening game of the tournament, but their opponents were determined in the semi, and deservedly progressed through taking their chances.

However Ellis admits that her team gave those chances to Malawi, with some sloppy defending.

“Unfortunately, I think our biggest part of our game not conceding defensively, we were poor today,” Ellis told SAFA media.

“We got back into the game, then we concede, we get back into the game with four minutes to go, surely we need to play out the game, then, and try and go for penalties.

“But then once again, we make an error the back and it’s not just one, it’s a combination of errors at the back. We actually have an opportunity to clear the ball, and clear the ball, and clear the ball, and we don’t, and we get punished for that.

“We didn’t have a great first half, we made a couple of tactical changes. And we were better second half, but yet, the way we conceded, it was was unlike us, we were extremely poor.

“With all the experience that we have we couldn’t clear our lines at times, and then you get back into the game. And normally we say manage the game. And unfortunately, we didn’t manage the game.

“And today Malawi was clinical in front of goal. Yes, I thought there was a penalty that was not was not given, but we had a lot of opportunities to score.

“And I always say if we don’t concede, we will create and we will win. And unfortunately today we conceded more than what we scored and very disappointed with the result, but we have to go back and work and put our best foot forward, we have the qualifier coming up and we have to make sure that we are in good shape for that qualifier.

“I think we all need to go back and have a good look at ourselves and say what could I have done better.”



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