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Hunt: Why Chiefs Do Better In CAFCL Than DStv

Kaizer Chiefs coach Gavin Hunt has given his thoughts on why his team are doing so well in the CAF Champions League but are struggling in the DStv Premiership.

The 56-year-old saw his side rally to a massive 4-0 home win over Tanzanian giants Simba S.C. and have only lost once in the continental competition this season.

Meanwhile, Amakhosi have just won two of their last 15 games in the Premiership and Hunt tried to explain his side’s different fortunes in both tournaments. 

“I couldn’t tell you really. As I said the other day, I think the Champions League is a game suited to these type of players, because of what we got,” he said.

“It’s a much slower game, much more predictable game. So it comes at you, where the PSL, I’ve always said that the players run faster than the ball in the PSL. 

“So here it’s much slower in the Champions League, so maybe it suits, as I said, the group of players that we got here.

“Where it’s a little bit more methodical, a little bit more direct. So that’s the only thing I can think of from a football perspective. But I don’t see if you created the same similar chances in the PSL, we haven’t scored them, and sometimes they’ve been going in here now in the Champions League.”

Hunt went on to add that Chiefs are alongside teams that are really doing well in their domestic leagues in the last eight of the competition.

“I do think it’s a different type of football, completely, in the Champions League,” he said.

“Even the top sides, when you play at [Raja] Casablanca and Al Ahly, yes, they’re huge clubs, but they  they do the simple things well. 

“Where in the PSL you don’t know what to expect. I just feel that maybe that’s that’s the thing, but psychologically ,yes, but as I said, I’m not trying to make excuses for where we are in the PSL.

“We are the only team, I think, in the Champions League quarter-final, that’s not top of the league, if I’m correct. So it’s so huge.

“But as I said it’s only half time, we’ve still gotta go there. I know what it’s going to be like there, they’re going to have a full stadium, it is going to be crazy there on the weekend.

“And we’re gonna have to be clever, not be be negative but be clever.”

Chiefs face Simba in Tanzania on Saturday, when they will hope to secure the semi-final ticket of the Champions League for a first time in their history.