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iDiski Times Wishes Shaun Olive Speedy Recovery

iDiski Times has learnt that last campaign’s PSL’s Assistant Referee of the Season, Shaun Olive, has been involved in a serious accident, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Olive is recovering in hospital after a freak accident involving his own car.

His family have set up a campaign to raise funds for his care, and you can contribute below:

The statement on the site reads, “On the morning of May 4th, Shaun was leaving his home in Mondeor to head to work and had an accident where his car rolled over him and dragged him across the road. Due to work restrictions over the last year, he has lost his medical aid and has no cover for his medical treatment. His injuries are severe and he will require surgeries. “

“The doctors on consult asked for R1million before they’ll even assess him and he was transferred to a state hospital for treatment. He has undergone scans and X-rays in a private hospital and with no means of income and no medical aid, all bills will have to be paid in cash. This includes the medical treatment and surgeries he will have to undergo in the next couple of days. He has a broken left leg and a fractured pelvis, a urethral injury and a broken nose, his pelvis is displaced and he has a spinal fracture. Internal damage as of this moment is still unknown.”

“Shaun is a leadership educator for Physical Education at a local government school and has a huge passion for sport and children. He loves his job and gives his all for his kids. He works hard and is dedicated to the school, as he attended the school as a child. He’s an active person and loves spending time with his family, and besides losing his father to a brain tumour shortly after they discovered it in 2020, he remains an optimistic and positive person. He’s a person with a love for people, a love for his family and a passion for the sport. “

iDiski Times wishes Olive a speedy recovery.