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Maboe Unlikely To Feature This Season

Mamelodi Sundowns have given an update with regard to the knee injury of Lebohang Maboe, after a successful surgery two weeks ago.

The Sundowns midfielder picked up the injury at the start of the month, and Dr Carl Tabane from the club’s medical department says Maboe is likely to be out for about six to nine months.

Tabane explained the injury in detail, and says the 26-year-old had a successful surgery two weeks ago, and began his rehab process even before then.

“Lebo sustained quite a complex knee injury, I think it’s beginning of August,” Tabane told the club’s media department.

“He is currently four weeks post injury and exactly eleven days post surgery.

“Just to give you a bit of a background as to which structures in the knee were injured. he injured his lateral meniscus and his anterior cruciate ligament. Just in layman’s term, a meniscus is a piece of cartilage that is found in the knee, it’s more of a shock absorber between the femur which is the thigh bone, and the tibia, which is the shin bone.

“And the ACL again, it’s one of the biggest knee ligament stabilizers. It’s also connects your femur, which is the thigh bone, and the tibia, which is the shin bone.

“So that got torn completely. And he also sustained a lateral meniscus injury. So it’s quite complex. And obviously it needed surgery.

“The surgery was successful. It’s quite a complex injury, as I say, we looking at the rehab process of about six to nine months.

“But, it’s not the first time that we treating such injuries and with the medical team that we have here, we are quite confident that we might shorten it, and he might come back a little bit early, but, we’re looking at about six to nine months.”

Tabane says that Maboe is in a good space and understand the work ahead of him to recover.

“Obviously, you know, these are the types of injuries which could spell, for some players, you might think that it’s a career ending injury, but he’s a highly motivated individual,” Tabane continued.

“And, we actually started the rehab even before the surgery, and he was quite keen to do that. And he read about the subject, he knew exactly what was going on.

“We had some of the players who’ve had similar injuries, we always try to ask them to talk to each other, so that they can, obviously see that, so and so had such an injury, but they’re back and they’re playing.

“So he’s highly motivated and the rehab process currently is going quite well.”