Malesela – The Word ‘Striker’ Was Beginning To Be Overrated

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: March 1, 2021

Chippa United Head Coach Dan Malesela was pleased to see his attackers Augustine Kwem and Bienvenu Eva Nga on the scoresheet in their 2-1 Nedbank Cup win over Cape Town City.

Kwem scored in regulation time, while Eva Nga scored the winner in extra time.

Malesela says he’s glad to see them adapting to the way he wants the team to play.

Malesela says he prefers to refer to them as attackers, as he thinks the word ‘striker’ may not be the best fit…

“Ja, it works well for us you know, we were worried at some stage because I think it’s taken them a longer time to adjust to how we want to play,” Malesela said about his front line.

“We also had to be patient because you cannot force things on players. We had to wait a little bit to say how do we play them, who is ready first, but slowly they are getting to the grips of things.

“But it’s always good, that competition will help, and it also helps that sometimes you may play the two of them, if they start doing very well in some matches, where you really need to have two strikers, you may play the two of them.”

“But it’s good that we have strikers that score goals, because it is going to a direction where seemingly the word ‘striker’ was beginning, for me, to be overrated. You know we have ‘strikers’ who are not ‘striking’ anything, so that’s why I say to them, they are attackers more than anything. But once they score goals, I will call them striker, but I’m happy that they’re scoring.

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