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Mashego Expecting Another Tough Game

Ahead of this evening’s World Cup qualifier against Ethiopia at the FNB Stadium, Cape Town City and Bafana Bafana left back Terrence Mashego has given insight into how he prepares for a game on match day.

Mashego made his debut for the national team on Saturday, getting his first cap in the 3-1 over Ethiopia.

The 23-year-old says he tries to relax for most of the day, and not think too much about the game too soon.

He says about a half hour before the team heads to the stadium, he starts to focus on the match.

“Normally, I don’t think much about the game,” Mashego told SAFA media.

“Normally, I just try and shift away from football, so I don’t think too much about football, I try to maybe be on my phone, watch videos and stuff, or something.

“But normally, I don’t concentrate too much because I believe if you concentrate and put your mind into a game, maybe two hours before the game, it’s difficult, you start panicking and stuff.

“So what I normally do is that I just relax, and then I stay on my phone, maybe I’ll watch videos, or I just do something that will keep me away from concentrating on the game.

“Then maybe, like 30 minutes, 20 minutes before we go to the stadium, that’s where I start processing my mind, I start shifting, I start focusing, like now I’m in the zone, I’m thinking about the game. I’m thinking about the moment. So that’s what I normally do.”

Mashego will be hoping to get a second straight start for Hugo Broos’s team, and says he is expecting another tough match against the Walias.

“Ja, I believe there’s a spot for me,” he continued.

“But what I’ve noticed about the game is that those guys, they were not happy, obviously because they lost. So now I’m expecting a very tough game, even though we had a tough game there, but now I’m expecting a very tough game because they now know our strengths and our weaknesses.

“So they’ll try and capitalise on on our weaknesses. So what I’ll try and do is to minimise the mistakes, especially the early mistakes that I made. That’s something that I don’t want to do today. So I believe If I try and minimise those mistakes then I’ll have a great game.”



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