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More Worries At Celtic

By Mushadu Mulovhedzi and Rob Delport

More trouble is brewing at Bloemfontein Celtic as iDiski Times has learnt that members of the technical team and staff at the DStv Premiership club are yet to be paid since last month.

The Bloemfontein club has over the past few seasons had numerous issues related to late payments, and now, with month-end approaching, it has been established that staff members are concerned about what will happen in the future. 

iDiski Times has learnt that while the players have received their salaries, they are also still waiting on bonuses.

But certain staff members have not received any payment yet, and are concerned going forward.

“I mean, it’s not been easy,” a source at the club told iDiski Times anonymously.

“I mean, what’s today’s date, the 24th, and there are salaries from last month that have not been paid. And last month we received our salary late, only around the 8th or 9th, so this is affecting everybody.

“It’s affecting everyone to be quite honest, because while we do go to the games, and the players have been paid, but unfortunately the technical team and some employees don’t get paid on time, or like now, we haven’t been paid, even up to now, so it does affect us.

“I mean emotionally and psychologically, it affects us a lot. But we love what we do, we love our job, but now, we feel like it’s enough now.

“The players have been paid, the only that is behind for them is their bonuses that has been promised. We were informed that they would get that last week, but unfortunately nothing came out of that, and we were informed that due to a strike in Bloemfontein, the payments were delayed.

“You have a family to feed, a family to take care of and as a person I mean you have like debts to pay, you know what I’m saying? And when you get calls from those people, it’s not nice, and it spoils your name as well.

“You know we are just living with that, having to hope and stuff and it’s not nice. We’re doing a lot of work for the team to be better, but at the end of the day when you have to be remunerated, they show you the middle finger.”

iDiski Times attempted to reach out to the Celtic management, but were either given no comment or phone calls went unanswered.