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Ntseki – Why I Joined Chiefs

Molefi Ntseki has revealed why he opted to join Kaizer Chiefs after he was appointed as head of youth and technical development.

The 51-year-old says he feels honoured to be part of the Kaizer Chiefs family, and says he is grateful to everyone who made the club what it is today.

The former Bafana Bafana coach was unveiled as the club’s new head of youth and technical development, and says he has always aspired to work for a club like Chiefs and wants to make a big contribution to repay the club showing faith in him.

“Look, firstly, I think I need to thank the club, I need to thank the Chairman, I need to thank everybody that has made Kaizer Chiefs what it is today,” Ntseki told the club’s media department.

“I think growing up, watching Kaizer Chiefs on TV and listening to the radio about the players, the success story of Kaizer Chiefs over the years, I think it has inspired me over years to say, one day, one day I’ll be part of this big brand.

“And I think joining Kaizer Chiefs, wearing the gold and black colors of Kaizer Chiefs has really made me feel honoured and the honourship that I’m talking about, it comes from the confidence the club has shown in me, to bring me on board and to give me this opportunity to grow the brand in whatever way.

“And I really am looking forward to make a very big contribution. And the contribution is not only about myself, but contribution is about the team that I am part of.”

Ntseki also explained how he is already actually connected to the Motaung family.

“Ja, no. I am a Mosotho, my home language is Sesotho and I’m a Motaung Ramokhele, which is the third clan of the Motaungs,” Ntseki explained.

“The first one is Motaung wa Hlalele, which is the leadership of this club. And then the second one is Motaung Molotsane, and so I’m the third of the clan of the Motaungs.

“And I think coming in here, it seems good. Because I’m a traditional person, I’m a cultural person, I come from that background. So being a Motaungs I’m part of the Hlalele, who happens to be in leadership of the team. So I already feel at home being a Motaung.”