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Tinkler – We Want To Add 2 To 3 Players

Eric Tinkler has confirmed that Cape Town City want to add two to three new players for the upcoming season.

He was announced as Cape Town City coach last week to replace Dutchman Jan Olde Riekerink.

Tinkler returns to the club four years after his first stint and says a lot has changed since that first season when they had to build a team from scratch.

He is hoping to use the extra time now to evaluate the squad fully, and have them prepared for the new season.

“It’s been a while, obviously, that I’ve been away, but obviously very, very happy to be back at Cape Town City,” Tinkler said at the press conference.

“I was obviously part of the beginnings of the club and very, very different circumstances. Our first meeting with you guys (the media), we had eleven players down at training, five of which were starting line-up players and we had to build something from scratch.

“Now we have a very, very good squad. And as John has alerted, we are looking to improve the squad with two or three new players that will come in in the new season.

“I’ve come in when I’ve come in, a little bit earlier than what was originally planned. I was only supposed to come in for the new season.

“But we saw this as an opportunity for me to obviously look at the current squad that we have, a look at the current players so that once we we start that preseason, we start on the front foot, meaning we’ve already got the players in that we want to bring in. The players that we’ve decided that can move on, can move on, and everybody knows where they stand. So that is the whole idea of me coming in as soon as I have.”