Motlhalo Extends In Sweden

January 21, 2022

Banyana Banyana and Djurgardens midfielder Linda Motlhalo is looking to take her personal game to the next level after renewing her contract at the Swedish club.

The Banyana star has become a star player for the Swedish club, and says she is delighted to continue her career at Djurgardens.

“Yes, I’ve signed a contract with Djurgardens and I’m looking forward to the new season. And I’m happy that I’ve signed,” Motlhalo told the club’s media department.

“I signed a new contract. Because I’ve developed a lot as a player here. And I enjoy the environment. I enjoy the players. So ja, that’s why I signed.

“I mean, ja, it is really cold here but like, you need to adjust as a player. And like I said, I enjoy playing here. So the only thing to do is to adjust and carry on with work.”

Motlhalo says while it wasn’t easy to adjust at first, after two years at the club she is really enjoying herself now.

“I mean, the first few months, it was really hard, mainly because I was new,” she continued.

“And I do know how we play, the style of play, things like that. But like as time when I was able to learn from the players, and the coaches, asking questions, and it was easy for me. So now that I enjoy playing here, I think I’m gonna stay here.

“Yeah, I’ve developed a lot as a player and putting in mind that I’ve played different positions, and I’m able to perform in those positions. I’m happy that I’m able to perform in those positions.

“I feel like I’ve contributed a lot when it comes to team performance, where else individually, I need to improve a lot.

“And I think like this year, I have to score a lot of goals. And like I said, I’ve I’ve contributed a lot as a team player, so I need to focus more on myself. “

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