Portia Modise – This is Desiree’s Team

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: June 24, 2022

Portia Modise believes that the Banyana Banyana squad is not a true representation of our rainbow nation. 

Modise told iDiski Times that the current Banyana squad preparing for next’s week’s WAFCON is no longer a national team but a Desiree Ellis team. 

The outspoken Soweto-born former player was the first African to score 100 international goals.

“The squad is no longer a rainbow nation, there is too much racism that is happening now,” Modise told iDiski Times.

“I believe that we don’t always have enough time to prepare because there is really no budget for women’s football. It’s still the same squad, with few changes, it’s still the same squad that qualified last time for the World Cup. 

“I do believe that if we explore our chances of scouting players, there are a lot of players that are trying to knock on the national team but there are no opportunities for them to be seen. 

“I’m seeing the same faces, people are now owning the national team. It’s like a team now, it’s no longer a national team. 

“Each and every time when you see a national team there must be changes, there must be competition. You need to stay there because you really deserve it, she works for it and even the performance tells you that this person deserves to be there. 

“Right now it looks like we’ve run out of options, we are bringing in the same people we are not changing. 

“This national team is no longer a national team but Desiree’s team. Same players, same technical team and it’s always the same thing every year, I just wanna say good luck to Desiree’s team.” 

Modise, who in 2005 was nominated for the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year then commented on players who were left behind like Andisiwe Mgcoyi, who whilst in Europe played for a number of clubs, won four league titles and competed in three UEFA Women’s Champions League campaigns. 

“It’s not about the quality of players that need to play in the national team, it’s about racism, favouritism and if I don’t like this one then she won’t be part of the team, ” added Portia. 

“Despite the fact that this person is a top striker in Africa, we don’t care. 

“Can I ask something but if there was a top South African striker that was not included in the Bafana Bafana squad, would the nation be quiet? 

“My point is you can’t leave Andisiwe Mgcoyi, being the top striker in Africa. 

“If we talk about our coaches understanding their duties, understanding that they are there to serve the national team not themselves. It’s sad and It’s not about football, things are personal here, people are bringing personal vendettas to the team. 

“When they come and coach the national team, it’s not their club. I don’t need to like a player, I need to like the performance of the player. I don’t need to be your friend, I need the performances and the tools to lead the nation and bring results.”

Modise now has a foundation which is a non-profit organisation that seeks to empower, develop, train and mentor female people within the football industry, and also do community outreach and provide critical support for those in need.  

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