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Skudu – Why My Kasi Flavour Isn’t Showboating

Young Africans midfielder Mahlatsi Makudubela has given his views on the showboating debate, saying he uses his skills to eliminate defenders rather than to show off.

Before joining Yanga, Makudubela played for seven clubs in South Africa, including Orlando Pirates, Platinum Stars, Golden Arrows, Platinum Stars, and most recently Marumo Gallants.

Speaking to South African journalists in an interview organised by the South African Football Journalists Association (SAFJA), Makudubela answered a question from iDiski Times about being a fan favourite and showboating.

“You know, I don’t know the difference between dribbling players and showboating because I think I’m more of a player that likes to dribble players, going past players, eliminating players to gain numerical advantage into the final third of the opponent,” Makudubela replied during the SAFJA interview. 

“I don’t know if that is showboating. But yeah, I don’t know if that is called showboating, eliminating players to gain numerical superiority into the opponents’ attacking third. 

“So showboating I think we can see that at Maimane Phiri (Games), people going on their knees and making the fans happy.

“I think I’m more of a player that eliminates players, and ja, helping the team gain. Hence, that’s why I’ve scored three goals this season so far.”

Makudubela’s flair certainly gets the fans excited, and the 34-year-old believes that it is something many South African players are naturally gifted with.

“I think we are just gifted naturally as South Africans. I always said, when I was still playing for Platinum Stars, I always said a Zongo can can trap the ball like this, and somebody else can do it, but just the way he does it, we can do the exact same thing, but the way he does it, it’s got flavour,” Makudubela continued. 

“I think that’s what South Africans have, because they call me ‘Waziri wa raha’, which means Minister of Joy, Minister of Happiness. 

“I think, maybe, even when I’m just pushing the ball, I think there’s just that element of that it brings joy into people, and you must never take that thing light, because it’s a God given talent, that thing. When I used to watch Ronaldinho, he used to transmit joy to me, you know. 

“And by just doing the smaller things, how we just pass the ball and then act like it’s moving into this space. It’s the basic things. But I think I’m also gifted with that, transmitting joy to people that are watching me, and I need not to change my style of play, because I want to accommodate somebody else. I think that’s the most powerful tool that was given to me. 

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“And I think I’m this far because of people saw what I can do, why do I want to change it and be somebody that I’m not, you know. And I will not transmit that love and joy to people that are watching. So ja, I think that gives me an edge over the opponents.”

David Kappel
David Kappel
David Kappel has served as a renowned international editor and content manager for almost a decade. David specialises in ensuring content and social media posts are highly engaging for football fans and was previously the international editor at Soccer Laduma. He is currently the iDiski Times website editor and social strategist.