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Steenbok On How CAF Pro Compares To UEFA Pro License

The South African Football Association (SAFA) Technical Director Walter Steenbok says the difference between the CAF Pro and UEFA Pro Licenses at the moment is about agreements.

There have been recent debates around UEFA Pro and CAF Pro Licenses in local football over which one holds more weight or is more prestigious.

The highest CAF License, secured by the likes of Pitso Mosiamane, Florent Ibenge and Walid Ragragui in 2023 has not been rolled out officially across the continent, as the inaugural course took place in Morocco.

Steenbok says the weight of the course is based on agreements, which the Confederation of African Football (CAF) have yet to engage in as they look to roll the program out across the continent.

“Sidat mentioned an issue of agreement, you would have seen this year COMNEBOL and UEFA have an agreement to say the level of the course in South America and the level of their course in Europe can be aligned,” Steenbok said.

“CAF has not done that yet, but we hope that in time… because Morocco and Algeria are tapping into the UEFA courses with the Pro Licenses, so that’s what we want to tap into first, with the Scottish FA.

“Because football is universal, coach Pitso with the CAF Pro License can coach in the Middle East and we know his level, so we’ll try to get to that stage, but for me, it’s no rush, it’s to deliver a curriculum that is South African specific and take off the some best benchmarking from the Scottish FA.

“Mourinho comes from the Scottish FA and Arteta, so the level is also good, and I hope that will help us so we can take some of the work they doing and incorporate it into our CAF Pro License for South Africa.”

Steenbok was speaking at the CAF A License graduation where Eric Tinkler, Gavin Hunt and Steve Barker received the qualifications amongst several other candidates.

Lorenz Kohler
Lorenz Kohler
Lorenz Köhler is an award-winning South African football journalist. Having cut his teeth in the industry working at Kick-Off Magazine, he is now iDiski Times' senior digital content writer. He specialises in breaking top African football stories and transfers with a major focus on the 'big-three' Mamelodi Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates and CAF inter-club and international competitions. In 2021 he was listed amongst the top-five journalists under 30 in Print Media for the AIPS Awards.