Singh Confident He Will Adapt Well With Broos

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: September 3, 2021

Luther Singh has said that he hopes that his experience in Europe will make it easier for him to adapt to new Bafana Bafana coach Hugo Broos’ methods.

Singh, who recently signed for FC Copenhagen in Denmark, was the last player to link up with the Bafana camp, after the club were in action on Sunday. Since joining he has made two substitute appearances for the Danish giants.

Singh, who was part of the squad that went to the Tokyo Olympics, says he hopes his seven years abroad will make adapting to Broos easier.

“I feel I think I would, because he’s from Europe, and probably the league’s are more or less the same in Denmark than it is in Belgium,” Singh told SAFA media.

“And he’s a coach from Europe, like we all know. So mostly, I think that I will fit in well, because I’ve been in Europe for quite a period of time now. I think I’ve been there from the age of 17. So I’ve been there for seven years, I think.

“So ja, I think for me, I will adapt well into the team or working with him as a coach, because I’m playing in Europe. And I know what the European coaches like and what they expect from the players.”

Singh says that every coach, whether in Europe or South Africa, has their own approach, but from his experience those in Europe demand professionalism at all times.

“While I wouldn’t say it’s different from home, every coach has his own way of approaching a national team,” he added.

“But I can just say in Europe, the coaches just want professionalism, and always determined to work hard, never stop learning, always giving your best whenever you play, whether you play, or don’t play, they always expect you to be professional.”

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