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Ncobo Weighs In On VAR Controversy Over Yanga ‘Goal’

Former FIFA referee Ace Ncobo has explained why the goal Young Africans thought they had scored against Mamelodi Sundowns was ruled out and why the Video Assistant Referee did not intervene – rightfully so.

The has been a huge outcry from Yanga – especially coach Miguel Gamondi, who went into a furious post-match rant that his side was cheated – over the alleged goal scored by Stephane Aziz Ki.

Yanga have since even lodged an official protest with CAF. However, Ncobo explained why decision by Mauritanian official Dahane Beida was right.

“Optical illusion, that’s the term,” he said on Extra-Time.

“Because if you look at that ball from an angle, which doesn’t tell you whether or not it’s crossed the line, you might very well be convinced that it’s crossed the line.

“You can see a clear day light between the ball and the line but when you take a camera from the side, you can actually see that a huge portion of the ball is above the line. That’s optical illusion.

“The only camera that matters is the one that’s in line with the goal-line.

“The whole circumference of the ball must be over the line for the goal to stand. As long as there is still a portion of the ball that has not crossed the line – no matter how small that portion is, it is not the goal.”

Image: SuperSport TV

Ncobo then went on to explain that the VAR could not intervene due to the inconclusive camera angle.

“People think VAR is there to give a decision for and on behalf of the referee – that is incorrect,” he added.

“The person who gives the first decision is the ref, it’s called the ‘on-field’ decision and the ‘on-field’ decision was that this is a no goal.

“Because it’s a goal, no-goal decision VAR must then come in and say ‘you made an obvious error as the referee not to award the goal. [But]

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“VAR sits there, the only angle they have is an ‘optical illusion’, VAR know that this angle is not a conclusive angle for them to say to the referee ‘this is an obvious error on your part’ – if you don’t have conclusive evidence than the on-field decision stays.

“That’s what happened and that’s what gonna stay. No amount of crying or writing letters is going to change that. That was not a goal and that kills the argument.”

David Kappel
David Kappel
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