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Hunt Responds To Huge Pitso Claim

Chippa United’s newly appointed head coach Gavin Hunt has responded to praise he received from Pitso Mosimane, who claimed the former Kaizer Chiefs coach could also be successful at a club in North Africa.

Mosimane was talking to local journalists earlier on Wednesday when news broke that Hunt had joined Chippa United.

After praising his old foe for getting back into coaching, the Al Ahly head coach also insisted that he believes Hunt has what it takes to be successful outside South Africa.

“I believe coach Gavin Hunt can coach in North Africa, no doubt, no doubt about. But he opted for Chippa, that’s his life. North Africa, the life here is not playing golf and all that, there’s no life, forget about it,” he said during a virtual press talk with the SAFJA (South African Football Journalists Association).

When later asked about Mosimane’s claim, Hunt opted to focus more on his new role at Chippa United.

“Yeah look, I don’t have any egos. I don’t come from any ‘past this’ or ‘past that’ or done work (there), and it’s certainly not for the money, that’s for sure,” he told iDiski Times senior writer Velile Mnyandu.

“You know, it’s come in and it’s a good project that I think it’s a good opportunity, we can take all of a football club, and if given time, you can really shake it and put good foundations in.

“I mean, they’ve survived every year and they’ve had some really good coaches here, you know, but they’ve had a lot. And so that’s certainly an area we need to work on. 

“And there’s certain things we need to do, that I know is successful, and I know it’ll work. And then obviously, the football results is always very difficult. 

“But if you put those play things in place, you’ll win more than you lose. So that’s important. So no egos, come and work, you know, from top to bottom. And let’s go again.”

Mosimane had also praised Hunt for his role in Kaizer Chiefs’ CAF Champions League campaign (taking them as far as the semi-finals), with the new Chippa coach sending some laurels back to ‘Jingles’.

“Well, I thank him for that,” he said.

“I think he understands and knows that when you go through qualifying games to get into the group, you know, we played, I don’t know how many games we played to get into the group. So it was a huge Feat. 

“And then to get in a group and out the group and then to got into the semi final, it’s unbelievable.

“So, yeah, I mean I really hope they do well this weekend and they are planning as a very good team, and Pitso has done unbelievably well to be in that environment. 

“He’s won so many trophies and admire his courage. And he’s done very, very well. Hopefully, we can get few more of us into that sort of arena.”