Messi Rested Again This Week

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: December 1, 2020

Lionel Messi has, for the second week in a row, been rested for UEFA Champions League action.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman decided to leave Messi out of his squad for Barca’s match against Ferencvaros.

Koeman says that this will be the last opportunity to rest the Argentinian star, with a busy schedule ahead, and having already qualified from their group, it was a perfect opportunity.

“Considering this season’s schedule, there are only two moments where Messi can rest, in Kyiv, and tomorrow,” Koeman told the media.

“From tomorrow, there will be no more opportunities. Qualifying already also influences the decision. The game on Saturday is very important for La Liga.”

Koeman stressed the important of having a fully fit Messi.

“Messi is Messi, he is very important in our attack, if the ball reaches him, there are always movements in the team, his passing his high quality. It was the same at the beginning of the season, too, but he’s working well, and he’s still decisive in our attack.”

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