“I Would Have Sold Messi”

Author: iDiski Times
 | Date: December 4, 2020

Barcelona’s interim president Arles Tusquets has made a startling revelation about their star player Lionel Messi.

During the off season, there had been a lot of speculation about Messi leaving Barcelona, where the Argentinian has spent his entire playing career.

Tusquets, speaking to the radio station, RAC1, said they were he in charge at the time, he would have sold Messi.

“Economically speaking, I would’ve sold Messi in the summer window,” Tusquets told RAC1.

“Both in terms of what you save on the wage bill as well as the money you make, it would’ve been desirable. But this is something the coaching staff have to consent to and that’s not my place.”

“La Liga are setting salary limits at the moment and this would’ve helped on that front.”

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