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Grobler Targets 20 Next Season

After walking away with his first Golden Boot award this season, SuperSport United striker Bradley Grobler says he is relieved to have finally achieved one of his goals, but admits he is still motivated to break the 20 goal barrier.

Grobler finished with 16 goals this season, but he says he had set the target of 20 goal, so while happy to win the award, he says he’s now motivated to do better next season.

He ended one goal ahead of Mamelodi Sundowns’ Peter Shalulile, who scooped the Footballer of the Season and Player’s Player of the Season awards.

“Feeling relieved. It’s been a dream of mine for I think as far back as I can remember, I think for any striker, it’s a goal and a dream to win the top goalscorer award,” Grobler told the club’s media department.

“I’ve been close on a few occasions and haven’t quite gone over the line, but finally I’ve done it, and I’m the top goalscorer and it’s a great feeling.

“I’m happy, but at the same time, I set a target of 20 goals, and I didn’t get there for different reasons, but I think it’s a bit of motivation for me, I have broken that duck now I’ve won the golf top goalscorer, and that’s kind of a bit of pressure off my back.

“Maybe next season, I can push on and get to that 20 goals. So, ja, very happy, very proud, but room for improvement. And ja, I want to be better. I think South Africa needs that 20 goal barriers to be broken. So I’ll push for that.”



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