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ODG – Players Raise Their Game Against Bigger Teams

Ahead of this weekend’s game against Mamelodi Sundowns, TS Galaxy head coach Owen Da Gama says it is a lot easier to have his team motivated against big teams, but he wants them to have that motivation against every team.

Galaxy play Sundowns at Loftus Stadium in a DStv Premiership clash on Sunday at 5pm.

Da Gama says the players will raise their game against big teams like Sundowns, but he wants to see more consistency from his side throughout the season.

“Ja, it certainly does, but sometimes it could be clouded,” Da Gama told the club’s media department.

“I mean it in this way that players raise their games when you play against these bigger teams. But they’ve got to be consistent, they must also raise their games when they play against any other team.

“So that has been a problem at TS Galaxy. I mean, you go and play a fantastic game against Chiefs, opening game, and then you’re go and play such a bad game against Stellenbosch.

“You know, it’s like an anti climax, a climax and an anti climax. So we’ve got to be very, very careful of these situations.

“But certainly it’s it’s much easier to motivate them when they play Sundowns, or any other big team.

“But still, we’re trying to get it right that they must be as consistent as possible and you’ve got to play your best football, no matter who you play.”



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