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Zinnbauer Defends Ofori After Mistake

Orlando Pirates coach Josef Zinnbauer has defended his goalkeeper Richard Ofori after his crucial mistake against Swallows FC.

The 27-year-old was caught out of position for Swallows’ second goal after being robbed of the ball by Dillon Solomons, allowing Ruzaigh Gamildien to score from 30 yards out.

However, Zinnbauer tried to defend his shot stopper, saying he has also saved his side many victories last campaign.

“If you concede a goal… The goalkeeper is always unlucky that a mistake will lead to a goal. We’re not happy with this. The most of times, the goalkeeper makes a mistakes it’s in the most of times a goal. We know, we have to work,” he told reporters.

“Ofori was a long time out but he had a good friendly games, he make a good performance in the training as well. Now it was not his day, but it is so, keeper makes a mistake and you get most of time a goal. 

“It’s not easy then for the goalkeeper to come back, it’s not easy also for the team to come back. But the team goes in the right way. He give a good decision, he give a good answer but it was then not enough. 

“We have the chances, we have the opportunities to again score, maybe more than one more. And then nobody would make a big discussion about Ofori. 

“But it is always so, we know the question comes, we analyse this, we work with him and we make him 100% better. But I know Ofori also had in the last season a few games, when he gave us the win, sometimes it’s also you lost the game, but you work with him and the next day it’s 100% better.”

Story by David Kappel (@kappilinho).