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Mkhalele Proud Of 2nd Half Display

Bafana Bafana assistant coach Helman Mkhalele says he was proud of his team’s second half performance as they beat Uganda 3-2 in an international friendly on Thursday.

Mkhalele says that while they had a plan, things weren’t working in the first half, as the Ugandans took advantage of the team’s lack of experience and nerves.

Mkhalele was in charge, with new head coach Hugo Broos in Belgium getting his second vaccination shot, while first assistant Cedomir Janevski was absent after testing positive for covid-19 earlier in the week.

But he says after a tactical switch and a few personnel changes, they took control, and could have scored more goals.

“I would also like to acknowledge, we had a technical plan, that we make sure that we follow it,” Mkhalele said after the game.

“But during the first half, we really struggled in the central midfield, because that is where the Ugandas especially number ten, and number eight, so they able to build, from the back and penetrate us so easily.

“I’d attribute that to lack of experience of our boys, and also they were nervous. And more importantly, we didn’t have any single friendly game, to make sure that we build a those combinations for our team, because we only had like two training sessions, and with almost eleven players that never played together before.

“So I believe that first half it contributed for us not to be able to manage the game quite effectively. And again, I would say, even first half, we didn’t dominate, but they were not hurting us that much. Because they were always dominating the possession in their own half.

“So whenever they went forward, they couldn’t create those chances except the one that they scored . But yes, of course, you know, as I said, a lot of our boys were nervous.

“But the second half, basically, we told the boys is that, first and foremost, we needed to change our formation, after changing our formation and change the personnel that we believe that it will help us to make sure that they don’t build from the back and put a high pressure on them at the back.

“Because once we win the ball, we will regain possession in their own half, it becomes very easy for our boys, because of their technical abilities, and individually and collectively, we saw those beautiful combination passes one twos to create those goal, scoring opportunities.

“So on second half, I’m so proud that, even though that we could have scored more goals, but I’m so proud that we took our chances.”



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