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Notoane On ‘Disappointing’ Olympics

South Africa U23 coach David Notoane says they have to be accountable for the results after their exit from the Tokyo Olympic Games.

South Africa lost all three of their matches at the tournament, and while Notoane says they are disappointed, there are lessons they can learn from this experience.

After losing 1-0 to Japan, the team suffered a heartbreaking 4-3 to France, before going down 3-0 to Mexico.

“Overall disappointed, of course, all of us to be out of the tournament,” Notoane said after their exit.

“But I think we can take a lot of lessons, out of this game (against Mexico), out of this tournament going forward, in terms of how mistakes are being punished at this level.

“So nonetheless, I think the boys gave it their best shot under very, very difficult conditions and circumstances in this Tokyo Olympics 2020 for South African football men’s team.

“So we just now have to knuckle down, dust ourselves off and face to the South African public in terms of having disappointed them in terms of the expectations of us, it comes with a game.

“So we have to show a lot of emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, and of course, be accountable for the results that we faced here in Tokyo.

“And hopefully, you know, the boys will graduate and take this experience into Bafana Bafana as we strive to make a Bafana Bafana a better team in the future. I think for me, it was a fantastic opportunity to be here, a lot of important lessons learnt on and off the pitch.

“And I hope it is so for the boys as well, I’m sure of that. Young players, so they can only grow from here going forward.”