Ronaldo Still Has World Cup Dreams

January 1, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo still has ambitions to win the FIFA World Cup with Portugal.

The 35-year-old has almost every trophy in his silverware cabinet, however the one cup that has eluded Ronaldo (and Lionel Messi for that matter) is the World Cup.

But while age is catching up with Juventus star, Ronaldo has no immediate plans to retire, and sees himself playing for a few years more.

One of his goals is to possibly make that World Cup dream come true at the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar.

“We want to win the World Cup,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“It’s possible, yes, it’s possible. Everything is possible.”

“But you have to be realistic as well. As I told you many, many times, my dream is to win something for Portugal national team and I won two titles, which is making me feel happy.”

“I win [with] every club that I played with, but World Cup… it’s a dream. It’s a dream.”

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