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Jomo Sono’s Boots Tech Gets Massive FIFA Boost

South African legend Ephraim Jomo Sono is delighted that the Playermaker device he teamed up with has been granted a FIFA certificate to be used by clubs.

Sono partnered with the tech to assist players, as Playermaker is a smart wearable soccer tracker designed for players aiming to improve their performance by analyzing their stats.

According to its website, the Playermaker sensors are placed directly on the cleats, enabling data capture of player foot-to-ball interactions, whether you play indoors or outdoors.

The Playermaker tracker has partnerships with over 200 clubs and academies worldwide. It had been selected as a member of FIFA’s Innovation Program and was recently awarded certification by FIFA to be used in official matches, as per The Athletic.

“It is very good news because it’s not easy to trade it if FIFA has not approved it,” Dr Sono told iDiski Times.

“It’s like you are stealing, but [since it has been approved] we can market it to the world.”

Matsimela, Sono’s younger son, previously delved more about the device.

“What this does is motion sense technology. It is wearable football technology that goes on to your boot, it is completely comfortable,” the young Sono said.

“It is completely durable. It has a five-hour recording time with a three charging time. The player can see how many times he has passed the ball, how many time has received the ball, the spring leg and kick velocity.

“It really takes all the data that the normality tracking vest GPS cannot give you in terms of distance covered.”

The technology has been used by many top European Premier League teams and academies, such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Benfica and Bodø/Glimt. It has also partnered with the Rangers, Hull City and Fulham FC.

Sono had introduced the technology to Mamelodi Sundowns in November, when Themba Zwane and Peter Shalulile trialed it last year, having been accepted into FIFA’s New Innovation Programme as the first foot-mounted wearable device.

“It has FIFA accredited training and we have done a partnership with Manchester City,” revealed Matsimela Sono.

“They have their own device since they are under Playermaker, as well as the Scottish FA, which is a big youth development and coaching course I went through.

“Dr Sono wants to bring it to Africa to increase further chances of competing on the world stage which he believes this device can do.”

Brah J, as Sono is known as one of the trailblazers in 70s in South Africa, said the device will expose players if they don’t agree with their coaches’ assessment.

“Playermarker will tell you exactly how many touches you made with your right or left foot, how many passes you gave away in terrible areas, how many shots at goal – it has everything,” said Dr Sono.

“It makes a job easy for the coaches.”   

Robin-Duke Madlala
Robin-Duke Madlala
Robin-Duke Madlala is iDiski Times' former KwaZulu-Natal-based web journalist. Boasting extensive experience in the South African football landscape, Robin-Duke has previously worked for Kick-Off Magazine, Soccer Laduma, and Daily Sun and Sunday Sun. He specialises in breaking news and transfers around South Africa’s big clubs in KZN. Robin-Duke has left iDiski Times.