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Josephs – How I Calm Down Coach Benni

AmaZulu FC goalkeeper coach Moeneeb Josephs has revealed how he calms down coach Benni McCarthy when things get heated on the sidelines during matches.

McCarthy is known as one coach who he can be very emotional on the sideline, as he is always ready to defend his team.

Slim-Kat, as he is affectionally known, already spilled the beans on AmaZulu’s trip to TP Mazembe and how the five-time champions tried to cheat their way into the next round, while also revealing that he never feared Kaizer Chiefs could win the CAF Champions League – which would’ve ‘relegated’ Usuthu to the CAF Confederations Cup.

In part two of his interview with iDiski Times writer David Kappel, Josephs spilled the beans on how he calms down McCarthy when things get heated.

“Because both of us we are very passionate people, you know, very, very passionate people. And both of us cannot be on that level where you know… Coach Benni, he is in control of that,” he told iDiski Times.

“But I need to make sure everything else stays calm. Because coach Basil as well, you can see another calming coach. Bhele (Siyabonga Nomvethe) as well, all calming personalities.

“But I have to take the fact when things get heated, I can calm it down. You know what I’m saying? That is my approach to games. Because to be a head coach, it takes a lot, it’s a very stressful job.

“So I can’t be adding to that space, by me wanting to go off on the sides, no ways. My coach has control of that. So, what I try to do, is just try to take him away from that, especially when things get really heated.

“There is nobody that’s telling coach just listen, this is what the people want, they want to see you lose your head. So, I go in silently and say ‘listen, just come back here again, this is what these people want, they want to see you blow up and make stories tomorrow.”

Josephs also revealed what he tells McCarthy when things are close to boiling over before insisting he is ready to turn himself into a clown on the sideline, if it helps the team.

“So all of us, we just play our roles, my role is when things get outdoors, like when coach loses it emotionally, that I’m there on the sideline just to get in his ear, ‘remember, we need you here, we can’t have you sent off because we need you. We need you here’,” he said.

“The team is in need of you now coach, just to completely take him away from that anger, the frustration that he has in his head. So I’ve played with him, I know exactly how he thinks, and I also know exactly how to calm him down.

“Just to make him laugh, and I don’t mind being a clown on the sideline. If that’s going to aid the team, if that is going to aid him, please call me Bozo! (Laughs.).”

To read the full second part of our exclusive interview with Josephs, where he also explains how McCarthy convinced him to come back to AmaZulu despite him previously telling himself he’d never set a foot at Usuthu again, buy this week’s iDiski Times.

Story by David Kappel (@kappilinho).



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