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Moseamedi & Stellenbosch The ‘Perfect Fit’?

Judas Moseamedi thinks he made the right decision in joining Stellenbosch, as he feels the club’s style of football will suit him.

Moseamedi moved to the Winelands team, with Lelethu Skelem moving away and joining the Team of Choice.

“I had an opportunity to move a gear up to my career and then Stellenbosch was the right choice for me,” Moseamedi told the club’s media department

“Because I’ve seen how the club has been playing and then I liked how they’ve been playing. So it was just as easy as that because I think it will suit my style of play, hence the reason I chose to come and play for Stellenbosch.

“I’m looking forward to playing as many games as possible and also helping the club to to achieve their goals for the next season. So I don’t see any difficulty and all that. I just have to work hard and the focus at all times and wait for an opportunity.”

Meanwhile, coach Steve Barker praised his side’s new player, saying he can be unplayable at time.

“We as Stellenbosch football club are delighted with acquisition of a player of Judas Moseamedi’s calibre,” coach Steve Barker said.

“Judas is a hard knocking player in this league for many years, and when Judas is playing well, and on form, he’s almost unplayable.

“He’s got really good attributes, he’s strong aerially and link-up play. And he has got goals in him. So we are really excited about the prospect of having Judas at our club.

“One of the areas we highlighted from last season was just the ability to take our chances more, so we confident that Judas will come into the team and add that quality and the goals that we will desire.

“He’s looking sharp, he’s looking on form already, the first training session was a good lift for the whole club. And we’re looking forward to having a really good relationship with Judas.”