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Tinkler Pleased With 2nd Half Performance

After their 4-0 win against Swallows in the MTN8 semi-final second leg on Wednesday, Cape Town City head coach Eric Tinkler says that the changes they made in the second half helped them to victory.

City scored three goals in the second interval, through Fagrie Lakay, Surprise Ralani and Edmilson Dove, to add to the first goal Ralani had already scored in the first half.

Tinkler says things weren’t going to plan in the first half, and even at the start of the second half, but he felt once Lakay scored the second goal of the game, they managed the game well.

“To be very very honest with you I thought in the first 45 minutes we were not great,” Tinkler said after the game.

“To be honest I thought that defensively we weren’t structured the way we had planned, our pressing strategy was not the way we had planned, and for them it was very, very easy to get out from the build up phase, we said we wanted to press them, but they got out of the press very, very easily.

“They pushed Mokoena playing a lot higher, almost like four attackers right on our back three. And we struggled, we struggled to win the ball. When we did win it, we struggled to retain possession of it for long periods, and we struggled to create opportunities, and we had to soak up a lot of pressure in that first half.

“At halftime, spoke to the team spoke about where we needed to rectify things in terms of how we want to press, we obviously made the one change, taking Ajagun off and we brought Thabo Nodada just to strengthen the midfield a little bit more, and still that second half we didn’t start great.

“But once we got the goal that’s when I think the game turned on its head, and we started to look more confident, we started to keep possession a lot better.

“Obviously they needed to start committing bodies forward, and when they done that, we literally punised them on on the counter and we ended up winning the game very comfortably.”



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