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Truter – We’re Losing Six Main Players

Swallows FC head coach Brandon Truter has revealed that his side will lose about six main players after their impressive maiden season in the DStv Premiership.

Swallows finished the season in sixth place, a remarkable achievement for the club, as they lost just two games all season, while they drew a record 20 games.

Truter says it is a great foundation for the club, and they can only grow from their performances this season.

Truter also confirmed that about six regular first team players will be leaving the club, though did not elaborate on the names.

“Tough season, extremely tough. Mistakes were made. I had some good moments, had some bad moments, it’s how we grow from it. I’m so happy for the effort the guys put in as well,” Truter told the club’s media department.

“I think on the field we’ve learned so much in our maiden season, in our debut season in the DStv. But for us now this season really taught us a lot, in terms of the young players that came, in terms of the coaches as well, the technical team, we’ve learned a lot, it’s our first season in the DStv.

“But ja, we had our ups and downs, we started like a house on fire. And then the analysis teams started analysing us, it became tougher and tougher. Ja, they capitalised on our weaknesses, so it’s something to work on.

“Ja, they found it hard to stop where our strengths were, that was also both ways, in defence, we conceded very little goals. And also in attack, we scored actually almost in every game. But we should be scoring more, definite areas to improve on.

“What has taught me in this season, in this league if you give the opponent space and time, and the quality that opponents possess in their teams, they can punish you at any moment.

“So we’ve learned, we’ve definitely learned, we’ve made mistakes, we need to grow from it as well. So the second season will be definitely tougher, we hope to get it right in the transfer market of course, and we hope to get it right tactically, where we can improve like I said, both defensively, I think we shifted some some goals that shouldn’t have come, and then final third, entries into the penalty area, taking the chances to be created, definitely something to work on, and score a bit more.”

Truter also confirmed that his side are in for a revamp of his squad, with six of his main players likely to leave.

“But it was tough, it was long, rest is what we need now, both for our mental state, psychologically, and physically as well. I am already looking forward to the pre-season because I’m anxious to get the second season started and hopefully get our new additions in and it’s gonna be tough,” he added.

“We’re losing about six of the main players, that have started a majority of the games so it’s also a rebuilding process and that excites me as well. But I’m grateful, I’m thankful, I’m humbled, I’m proud of the group of players and also the staff around me. It’s been a massive, massive season for everyone.”



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