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Nodada Challenges City Youngsters After Stellies’ Triumph

Cape Town City midfielder Thabo Nodada has challenged his club’s youngsters to emulate what Carling Knockout Cup winners Stellenbosch FC have done.

Nodada recently celebrated 200 appearances in the club since his arrival. He was the first player to arrive at the club when it was established seven years ago.

For quite some time Citizens were the only Cape team to have won a trophy, but that changed last weekend when Stellies won the Carling Knockout Cup.

Speaking to iDiski Times’ journalists Rob Delport and Sinethemba Makonco, the midfield magician praised Stellies for clinching their first-ever trophy but also mentioned that this is now ups the challenge for City’s youngsters to step up and show that City is still the Cape’s premier team.

“Another thing you need to look at is the number of boys from Cape Town in our squad now that don’t know the taste of lifting a trophy, it’s pressure now for. them.” Nodada said, speaking exclusively to iDiski Times.

“Even though they hadn’t won a trophy before, they had the privilege of walking around knowing that City the only club in Cape Town that’s won a trophy for the past five, six years or has a trophy in the past five, six years.

“They can’t do that now, they can’t do that now and knowing their mentalities and their characters and the type of footballers they want to be, it’s an urge that they want to do something about and for them to realise how serious that urge is I think Stellenbosch had to win.

“Even for me who’s won something, you know, I’m feeling something, I’m feeling something and I think that’s the beauty of competition. It’s the people around you that rise you to levels you don’t think you’d reach because you’re trying to be out you’re trying to be superior.

“That’s what they’re pushing us to do. You look at it on the log. They are right, here, they’re right here. So it’s, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing. And at the end of the day, no matter who’s on top, you all grow. I think that’s the most important thing. There can only be one number one, we can all grow.”

Sinethemba Makonco
Sinethemba Makonco
Sinethemba Makonco is one of South Africa's brightest up-and-coming football journalists. Makonco shot to prominence on social media as a reliable source for South African football news and transfer stories, and is currently working as a junior journalist at iDiski Times.