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Tembo – Mokoena & Mbule Focussed On SSU

SuperSport United head coach Kaitano Tembo says that despite all the transfer speculation around Teboho Mokoena and Sipho Mbule, he is confident they will keep their focus and give their all for the club.

The midfield pair have been linked to a number of clubs, both locally and abroad, and Tembo admits that when it started it did de-stabilize the team.

But the coach says the club’s CEO Stan Matthews has re-iterated that there have no concrete offers, and he has spoken to the players about this.

“Ja, look, that has been a very worrying issue, regarding those two players,” Tembo told the media.

“I think most of the talk of them going to other clubs started last season, and when it started, we were also doing very well, I think it started Jan, and it really kind of like de-stabilized a little bit, because players are also human beings and when people are always talking about them they are bound to lose focus and, lose concentration, and their game sometimes does suffer.

“And we went through that. But at the moment, I think we’ve had enough time to prepare them, and speak to them. Because nothing was on the table, I think the CEO came out and said, and spoke to them as well, that there is nothing on the table. Until something happens, they will be the first ones to know.

“So they are really focused, I’m not really worried about that, they are really focused for the team, they want to do well, they are young players who’ve got ambitions, and they know that you are just as good as your last game. Look at what happened to the Olympic team, we were looking forward for them to go out there and do well, but it didn’t happen. So that’s football.

“So they know that they have to refocus and start doing well again, otherwise, you get forgotten very quickly in this game. So their focus, I’m not worried about that, I’m quite happy with their attitude towards training in the team, they havent changed, they’re still the same so I’m looking forward for a good season.

“You know, because I believe that this will make them a little bit stronger, and they will raise their game.”