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Man City Legend Praises Pirates Star

Former Manchester City winger Shaun Wright-Phillips was full of praise for his friend and former teammate Miguel Timm, saying the Orlando Pirates midfielder is his favourite South African footballer.

Wright-Phillips was in Cape Town on Friday, as PUMA South Africa hosted the EPL and FA Cup trophies as part of Manchester City’s global Trophy Tour.

Speaking to the media, the former City, QPR and Chelsea star recalled his time in the USA with Phoenix Rising, where Timm was his teammate.

Timm, now 32, spent two years at the Arizona club, before he returned to South Africa.

“I’ve got a friend that actually plays here and I played with when I was in Arizona, Miguel Timm, I think he plays with the Pirates and I think for me, he’s a phenomenal footballer,” Wright-Phillips told the small group of journalist attending.

“I think with his ability, I think he should have achieved a lot more because there’s not many footballers I played with, especially in the States, with his IQ level of football.”

But Wright-Phillips said that sometimes it’s not only about talent but also opportunities, and logistics.

“I don’t think it’s as straightforward as ‘Oh, I like him, let’s go and get him,'” he continued.

“I think, politically, which I don’t know much about the deals and work permit. So I don’t really know how that works. But I think there will be a day when that will be overcome. Hopefully, it comes sooner just for the good of the sport, to be honest.”

When pressed about which South African player impressed him the most in his career, Wright-Phillips doubled down on the Pirates midfielder.

“I’m telling you the best South African player,  I’m gonna keep saying the same, Miguel Timm,” Wright-Phillips insisted.

“I was at the embassy yesterday and I met the Cape Town owners, and the first thing I said is, ‘When are you going to sign Miguel Timm? You have to sign him, honestly’.

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“I think he’s getting older. But if you have him in that midfield area, for me, I was a winger at the time, I played in midfield sometimes, I always knew he could get me the ball. I didn’t even need to shout. I literally would just make a move and the ball would be there by my feet.

“I think he’s fantastic. So even if you have him around the dressing room, the younger kids can learn off him.”

The former England international also said he was surprised to not see Timm, who has two caps, playing for Bafana Bafana regularly.

“I actually have been surprised,” he replied.

“But like I said, that is what happens. It also depends on what club you’re at. Because England used to be like that, for me to get into the national team on a permanent basis.

“I basically had to leave the club that I love. Where does this change now? So I can imagine it will change now.”

PUMA South Africa hosted the EPL and FA Cup trophies in Cape Town today as part of Manchester City’s global Trophy Tour.

The tour presents the club’s worldwide fan base with the opportunity to experience the iconic trophies, which are accompanied by club legend Shaun Wright-Phillips, who made over 200 appearances for Manchester City, was named the club’s Young Player of the Year 4 years in a row and named Player of the Year in the 2003-4.

“Manchester City continue to set new standards of excellence both on and off the pitch, and PUMA South Africa is honoured to be able to share these spectacular trophies with the club’s fans in Cape Town,” said Brett Bellinger, PUMA SA Marketing Director.

“We know that young footballers will be inspired by getting to see the silverware up-close and by engaging with Shaun Wright-Phillips.”

Rob Delport
Rob Delport
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