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Truter Back And Ready For Stellies

Having returned to the club from his special leave, Brandon Truter says Swallows are facing tough opposition when they face unbeaten Stellenbosch at the Dobsonville Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Truter was on leave for two weeks, as Simo Dladla took charge in their last two league games, but Truter is now back to try and help the team rise from their current 14th position in the DStv Premiership.

Truter says Stellenbosch can be dangerous, but they’ve been working on improving things on the field.

“It’s gonna be a tough game, considering where we come from, and also take into consideration that Stellenbosch is still unbeaten this season as well,” Truter told the club’s media department.

“So it’s a good run for them as well. Looking at us I think the the major things are on the field that we have to rectify, that we had to sort out these past games with seven goals conceded in two games, it points us into a direction to stop that at first.

“But ja, it is a home game as well, we would like to pick up full points at home.

“Stellenbosch being unbeaten as well, it is a dangerous team on the counter attack so we have to prepare well. But I think it’s easier to prepare, to sort out the on the field issues at training, but I think the biggest factor that we have to rectify is the harmony amongst the squad, it’s the mentality of the players, and also they have to come forward now and show the character on the field of play.”

Truter says they’ve been working hard since he returned to the club.

“Ja, look, there is a few things that we are working on, that we worked on now during this two week break,” he continued.

“There will be a change of of patterns, in terms of passing, in terms of a movement, so ja, it will be a new Swallows that’s hoping to take the field this weekend.”



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