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DStv Premiership

Ma-Mkhize Explains Wild Celebrations In The Stands

Royal AM president Shauwn Mkhize has explained why her and her family are always seen wildly celebrating the club’s performances in the stands.

Ma-Mkhize, her son Andile Mpisane, who is also the chairman of the club, and others could be seen celebrating their 4-1 and 4-2 wins over Kaizer Chiefs and TS Galaxy FC respectively.

The KwaZulu-Natal based club lost their two opening games, but turned things around to winning four consecutive games after they played six games in the DStv Premiership so far.

However, the businesswoman says it’s their own way to support their players since fans are still not allowed in the stadiums.

“I want to tell you something, there are games that you play and there’s excitement that you cannot control, excitement is something that you can’t control. And if you’re playing a game, to be honest, soccer is supposed to be a game of fun,” she told Andile Ncube on the SportsNightLive Show.

“You know, we had a derby game with PeterMaritzburg. And we were laughing when it started, yes on the 90 minutes, we’re still laughing on the halftime but when the 90 minutes is finished, it’s over, who so ever win it’s the lucky day for them, and it’s sad when we lose as well because nobody is happy when they lose the game.

“You know, we were beaten by Swallows in our first game, we were sad, we were beaten by Cape Town City we were sad, two lose consecutively in a row. So when you start to win you can’t control your excitement, it’s only natural not unless you’re not a normal person.

The Royal AM president has also explained that the wild celebrations are not something new and they have been doing the same while the team was playing in the GladAfrica Championship last season already.

“Let me tell you something I think maybe you only saw it now because we in the PSL. Everybody that knows us in the GladAfrica, in each and every game that we go to, we bring our speaker, especially when it’s an away game,” she added.

“Because you know what happened when the games are playing away sometimes, when the other team scores, the home team, they’ll play the music, but when you score, they don’t pay the music.

“So we have decided this, let’s bring the speaker on our own. You know if you ask people that have played with us in Africa, I’m sure you can go into our Insta page and see on the Instagram. We were doing it with the supporters even when the supporters were there, that’s how passionate we are about soccer.

“And just now there is no supporter, who is the number one supporter for our players, is us, and how I suppose to the game of fun. It’s not supposed to be something formal.”



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